Picture This

May 28, 2014

The Best Way To Translate Your Content


When I served in the Israel Defense Force’s Spokesperson’s Unit we had a rule: You may only translate into your mother-tongue. I served with Abbey who was born in Israel, but spoke fluent English complete with her strong Brooklyn accent. Her parents were American born, while she was an Israeli native.… Continue Reading

August 1, 2013

A Great Facebook Ad


Not only did I read the whole text of the ad (which is rare), in Hebrew (which is rarer), but I even clicked on a Hebrew ad (rarest). Well Done!… Continue Reading

July 7, 2013

Are Nutritional Facts Beneficial?


I absolutely love that every food in the USA has a label with “Nutritional Facts” no matter how poor the nutritional value of the item is. It is a classic example of how meaning can be spun from the selection of specific diction.… Continue Reading

July 1, 2013

Numbers vs Words


When I teach people about how the Internet works, I tell them that computers understand numbers and people understand words. That is why we have DNS which maps domain names like j-town.co.il to IP addresses like People type in domain names and the DNS “translates” it for the computers which direct people to an IP address.… Continue Reading

June 18, 2013

Logo Imitation – Flattery or Forgery


  One purpose of a logo is to create an easily identifiable image which distinguishes your brand from others. Logos provide a visual shorthand to set your company apart at a glance. When companies duplicate the basic elements of a well-known logo such as Apple’s, not only do they fail in this basic objective, but they do themselves a further disservice by positioning themselves as cheap imitations incapable of original thought.… Continue Reading

May 14, 2013

QR – Practically Speaking


Really? Do you expect me to climb up a street sign to take a photograph of this QR? I wonder if the people who designed this know what QR is?… Continue Reading

November 20, 2012

Complementary Strategic Partners – Challah and Newspapers, Of Course!


Most Israelis eat challah and read the newspaper on Shabbat. Therefore it is a natural combination to market them together. But it took an innovative thinker to do so. What services and products does your target market use. How can you partner with them to promote your brand?… Continue Reading