February 1, 2018

Top 10 Tech Trends For 2018 according to Our Crowd


  1. Construction goes digital such as SiteAware – digital construction with autonomous drones
  2. Quantum computing will challenge cybersecurity such as QuantLR
  3. Smart Mobility such as Phantom Auto Vehicle Remote Control Safety Solution
  4. AI is predicted to replace 6% of jobs in the USA such as Sense Education – 95% of accountants, 65% of legal professionals – Watch Out!
  5. Blockchain for daily currency such as DAGlabs
  6. Food Engineering allows vegans to eat plant-based meat such as Supermeat without economic or environmental effects
  7. Data privacy – D.Day Labs
  8. Prescription drugs get personal – gene sequencing, big data, and other criteria such companies as Quanabis (website not yet live)
  9. Aging technology – Since 90% of US baby boomers want to age in their home in privacy with devices such as Intuition Robotics’ Aging Companion
  10. Offline commerce gets smart – people still shop off-line in retail sores, but they can use online apps to help like Amazon Go, Top Automation

Courtesy of Our Crowd Summit 2018

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