March 15, 2017

Introduction to Facebook’s Business Manager


Facebook’s Business Manager is an essential tool for anyone who uses Facebook for work.

It is priceless if you work for multiple clients on Facebook.

This presentation, given at Israel’s premiere marcom and technical communicator’s conference gives a general introduction to the advantages of Facebook Business Manager and what is available to you there.

[slideshare id=71849048&doc=facebookbusinessmanager-170207080348]

Whether you manage one page on Facebook or dozens, you should be managing pages with the Facebook Business Manager. This presentation includes guidance on:

  • Keeping Your Business and Personal Facebook Profiles Separate – The trick to focusing on business when you’re at work and on Facebook!
  • Managing People, Access and Permissions – The right way to give access to employees, agencies and co-workers.
  • How to Organize Clients, Pages, Projects, Campaigns and Ads – Use one interface to manage everything.
  • The Ad Manager – Don’t just click “Create Ad,” use the Ad Manager for much more robust management and reporting.Managing Money – How to set up different payment methods for different ad campaigns and keep payment methods secure while allowing access of others to your campaigns.

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