November 9, 2016

Top 3 Ways To Win Like Donald Trump


I have often said, “Marketing, marketing, everything is marketing.”


George Washington put this in a political context:
“With public opinion on our side, we can do anything, without it nothing.”

Obviously, presidential campaigns are huge marketing campaigns and we would all be wise to take notice of what the Donald Trump campaign understood about marketing that can help us succeed.

I noticed three main take-aways:


A basic rule of marketing is Keep It Simple & Stupid.

Simple and consistent messages that speak to people are successful.

Trump’s messages have been overly simplistic and consistent. He has not wavered. His main messages remain the same as at the beginning of the campaign.

Here are some simple and clear messages. Can you say the same of your messaging?


  • Make America Great Again
  • Put American Interests First
  • Enforce our immigration laws – at the border and at the workplace. Build a border wall and end sanctuary cities. Send criminal aliens home.
  • Washington politics and mentality is corrupt
  • “I am opposed to abortion except for rape, incest and life of the mother. I oppose the use of government funds to pay for abortions.”
  • Unwavering support of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Get serious about prosecuting violent criminals. Get gang members and drug dealers off the street to make our cities and communities safer. Empower law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves. Expand mental health programs keep the violent mentally ill off of our streets.
  • Foreign policy will be singularly focused on Making America Safe Again by destroying radical Islamic terrorist groups. End the nuclear deal with Iran and the ransom payments to the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism. America will stand with its allies and end the Obama-Clinton practice of apologizing to our enemies.

2) Learn To Use The Trending Media

Donald Trump has never served in the military nor has he held any government office. He is a complete outsider and yet he won the presidential election.

Other outsiders and underdogs who have succeeded have ridden the waves of media revolutions. Trump has followed suit.

Franklin D. Roosevelt did it with radio.

John F. Kennedy did it with television.

Barak Obama did it with the Internet and crowdfunding

Donald Trump did it with social media.


What lessons can we learn:

Outrageous is good for spreading your message across Social Media; Think Crazy Eddie or Gary Vee Vaynerchuk

Now add controversy

Now add (1) above

What do you get?

Outrageous, simple and controversial = social media momentum

3) Positive Messaging

loserNo one wants to be friends with a loser

No one enjoys listening to a whiner or a complainer

No one wants to hang out with a dumpy, bitter person.

Speak of grandeur; Celebrate your vision; Imagine greatness!

People will follow because People Want To Be Part Of Success

People want to be part of something positive, upbeat and larger than themselves which they can take pride in.

Donald Trump gave them that; just like Dr. Pepper:

I drink Dr Pepper and I’m proud
I use to feel alone in a crowd
But now you look around these days
And it seems theres a Dr Pepper CRAZE
I’m a pepper he’s a Pepper she’s a Pepper we’re a Pepper
Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too?

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