August 19, 2016

I’d Love To Work With You But …


It’s a common response I hear: “I’d love to work with you, but you are out of my league.”

What I hear is “I’d love to work with you, but I don’t think I’m worth it.”

We all know that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, yet it still is difficult for so many of us to spend money on quality professionals.

Here is one of my favorite J-Town client testimonials:


“Most of the web companies that I have dealt with are fickle and unreliable. J-Town has been professional, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. In my opinion, well worth the money to just do it right the first time.”

Ari Abramowitz
Co-Founder and Co-Director
The Land of – Israel Inspired & Tuesday Night Live! in Jerusalem

As Ari says, It is “well worth the money to just do it right the first time.”

I’ve had clients come back to us after 10 years after making mistake after mistake. Either they try to do the work themselves or try another company which burns them. It’s sad, but I have learned that clients have to be ready to take their business to the next stage in order to work with us and often that means they need to have a feeling of self-worth which nobody but themselves can give them.

In the last few years, I have learned that you can afford anything you really want.

The question is how much do you want to succeed?

What is success worth to you?

How much are you willing to risk?

We all have our limits.

I made the choice. Instead of taking out a NIS 200,000 loan which the bank wanted to give me, I changed our business model, fired my full-time staff and left our office space.

Success is achieving your dreams

My choice was not a choice I made out of fear of failure or of not being able to pay back the loan, it was a proactive choice of how I wanted to structure the business and where I wanted to put my energies.

The worst enemy of success is not failure, it is getting by. When things are “good enough” you do not have to succeed.

Success is not just “getting by,” success is achieving your dreams.

Ask yourself if you are living your dream?

What is stopping you?

In all likelihood it is fear.

Every year people buy houses they can not afford. They take out mortgages for 30 years when they have absolutely no idea how they are going to pay their payments in five year’s time. But they have faith.

If you are meant to succeed in business, you will do whatever it takes to bring your business to the next level time and again. You will need to take financial risks. You will not always succeed. You will learn from your failures and you will get back on the horse and try again.

I have been at my credit limit more than once and taken on additional loans to invest in my business and my success.

I am reminded of a young couple who wants to buy a house but they are afraid to take a mortgage and a lifetime of debt. Instead of borrowing money for the downpayment and then taking a mortgage, making monthly payments towards something they own, they pay the same amount of money each month with no return on their investment. They keep pouring their money into something that is not giving them what they truly want.

It is “good enough,” but they will never reach their dream this way.

The neuroscientist, Gregory Berns, in his book Iconoclast likens making decisions out of fear akin to making decisions under the influence of alcohol. You will never succeed if your decisions are reactive and made from fear.

Don’t be embarrassed to charge what you are worth and to make money in order to succeed in business. It took me a long time to get there, but I am happy every time I hear someone telling me that they can not afford to work with me because it reminds me of the progress I have made for myself.

And don’t be afraid of taking risks in order to build the business you want for yourself and to achieve success for yourself.

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