September 13, 2015

The Secret of Making Change



My son and I recently went out to a cafe. Our bill came to NIS 90. I paid with a credit card and asked the waiter to change a twenty so I would have change for a tip.

I said to my son, who enjoys business, “Let’s see if this waiter knows how to make change.”

Puzzled, my son asked me what I meant.

I explained that the bill was NIS 90. We usually give 10% – 15% tip.

If the waiter comes back with two tens, he will get a NIS 10 tip.

If the waiter comes back with one ten, five ones and a five shekel coin, his tip could be made of any combination allowing for the full range of 10% – 15%.

However, if the waiter comes back with a ten and two five shekel coins, he may get a NIS 10 tip (11%), but more likely a NIS 15 which is over 16%.

We waited to see how the waiter would change my twenty shekel bill.

He came back with a ten and two fives.

My son and I let out a small laugh of presumption and I asked the waiter, “How did you decide how to make up the change?”

“We don’t have any ones,” he said, “would you like two tens instead?”

“No,” I chuckled. and I explained to him the secret of making change.

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