September 2, 2015

On Being A Boss:


rogalachAs the head of a company for over twenty years, I have learned that the most important asset any company has is its employees. Employees are motivated by the right balance of autonomy and mentoring, balancing challenges they learn from but which are not so difficult as to be frustrating. According to all research, if an employee is happy with this balance it is a motivator which far exceeds monetary compensation. Happy employees are the best indicator of a good boss and a productive staff. Money is not a good motivator, neither are criticisms, condescending attitudes or bullying. Positive reinforcement produces the best results. Remember – failure is a good thing – it means someone tried something new outside their comfort zone and that is how we innovate and learn. Without failures employees and companies would stagnate. (And food and games are an essential element to creating a fun workplace).

For more about this I recommend seeing Bernie DeKoven‘s site

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