May 27, 2014



Last week I, along with my co-workers, attended KahenaCon 2014 here in Jerusalem. This annual conference is facilitated by Kahena Digital Marketing and features many great speakers from the marketing and SEO world.

KahenaCon 2014

The conference opened with an exciting and entertaining keynote presentation by the wise CMO of BigDoor, Joanna Lord. She promoted the idea of focusing more on consumer behavior and moving away from using marketing tactics and channels for our clients. She also stressed that since we have the ability, thanks to Google, to know practically everything about everyone, we need to use this information to our advantage. Therefore, we should be creating our marketing plans to be more consumer centric. She also pointed out that loyalty has become more critical and is arguably even more important than acquisitions. When you have loyal customers they will become your sales team and they will drive the conversation about your company.

Following Joanna there were a number of presenters throughout the day who focused on various topics including; originality, content marketing, community management, learning advanced analytics, engaging the consumers, and listening to customers. While many of them offered useful information, Joanna’s opening presentation was definitely the highlight of the day.

Charlie and Sara Halevi during KahenaCon 2014

(Charlie, J-Town’s Founder and Director, sitting with our client Sara Halevi, Director of Communications at Energiya Global, tweeting about the conference.)

Overall I think it was a great conference with a lot of valuable networking opportunities! One of the things I hope to see in future KahenaCons is a focus on smaller mom and pop businesses and how to better market them. While having the person who runs the marketing for Starbucks is impressive and valuable, marketing for small businesses who are just starting is very different.

Thank you Kahena Digital Marketing for facilitating this conference. I look forward to next year’s!

Charlie meets with Client and Partners at KahenaCon 2014

(Charlie, J-Town’s Founder and Director, with our client Sara Halevi, Director of Communications at Energiya Global, and our business partner Andy Levy-Stevenson, Chief Search Officer at Five Blocks, sharing ideas during lunch)
**Photos courtesy of Kahena Digital Marketing

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