April 24, 2014

How to Change the Name of a Facebook Page


Facebook Says You Can’t Change Your Page Name, But We Did!

If you’ve ever tried re-branding your company or organization you know how difficult it can be to update everything. When we decided to change our name from J-Town Productions to J-Town Internet Services, we refused to accept that we wouldn’t be able to change the name on our page. After all, having something on Facebook makes it “official” right? So how did we do it?

{To complete the following changes you must have admin rights to the Facebook page.}

First, make sure your About Us section has your updated name and web address.

Next, you can change the URL link yourself by:

    1. On the admin dashboard click the edit page drop-down menu and select Edit Settings

Edit Settings JPEG

    1. Click on the Page Info Tab

    2. Click the edit button on the Facebook Web Address line

Page Info JPEG

Now comes the changing the page name!

(note: you must be in the United States to have this option, if you are outside of the United States, like we are, you will need to give admin rights to someone who is in the United States and then they can make the changes for you)

      1. On the admin dashboard click the Help drop-down menu and select Request Name Change. You will then see a form asking you what you’d like your new name to be. (As you can see in the picture below we aren’t able to see that option since we aren’t located in the United States but if you are then you will see it here.)


    1. Facebook will ask you to provide official documentation that has your new name on it (legal document, bank information, etc.)

Once you have submitted the request it will take about 2 weeks and then you will get a notification of whether your request has been granted or not! You should also note that you can only request to change your Facebook page once so only do this when you are absolutely sure of what you want your name to be!


5 Responses to “How to Change the Name of a Facebook Page”

    When I tried to do this, it was prevented because I had over (30?100?) fans. Might want to point that out, if it's still the case. If it's not, it would also be good to know.

    Lenea Schwartz says:

    Hey Gab,
    We had the same problem. Facebook has always told people that when you have over 200 likes you can't change your page name. But this doesn't seem to be true anymore. The steps in this blog post outline how we changed our name even though our page has over 200 likes! I hope this helps. Let me know if it works for you!

    tried it this way – doesnt work,

    tried it this way – didnt work,

    Lenea Schwartz says:

    What didn't work?

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