December 25, 2013

5 Manual Link Building Tools To Reinforce Your SEO in 2014


There is a big divide currently in the SEO world on the importance of manual link building. Many go so far to say that manual link building is dead and now irrelevant.

I couldn’t disagree with this more. While every SEO professional cannot ignore the influence of social media on search, we cannot forget that every client is unique and requires a unique SEO strategy.  Our job going into 2014 hasn’t gotten any easier with Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm updates. It is crucial that now more than ever we don’t provide a cookie cutter solution for our clients.

For those of us that still see the importance of getting down and dirty for our clients with manual link building, here are 5 tools I use to generate leads:

(1) Content Strategy Generator Tool by SEO Gadget.

This handy XML Googledoc is my first stop, not just to start reading up on my client and the industry, but also to find potential opportunities for manual links. As it is a Google doc, you will first have to make a copy for yourself, but then plug away!

Content Strategy Generator Tool by SEO Gadget

(2) Ice Rocket by Meltwater

In 4 words: Priceless. Blog. Search. Engine. Use this tool to join in on discussions and find opportunities for guest blogging. But make sure to evaluate each blog for quality and relevance.


(3) Google Alerts

If you don’t already have an alert set up for each of your clients, start now! Use this tool to stay on top of when your client are appearing on Google News. I get weekly alerts for all my clients and then engage readers through comments.

Google Alerts
(4) Seek or Shout

Have a great idea for an article, but don’t have the support to make it happen? The Seek or Shout community will help you create your stories and promote them.

Seek or Shout Community(5) Edcals by Cision

As modern day SEOers we understand the importance of generating quality links and no one has done this better than our friends in the PR world. This tool allows you to search for upcoming editorial opportunities by topic.

Ed Cals

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