September 12, 2013

Top 7 Internet Marketing Habits



Excellent Internet marketers have good Internet marketing habits. As Aristotle said, it is these habits that made them excellent, and not a single act or campaign.

The following are my top 7 habits for Internet marketing:

  1. Read. The Internet is a very dynamic industry. Things are always changing, and you can never really know enough. There are many blogs and other resources out there. Choose your favorite ones and start your day by reading at least one blog post.
  2. Set Goals. Don’t start a campaign without setting goals. Don’t implement tactics that are not part of a strategy. Is your goal to be number one in Google, or is it to get leads? Is your goal to get brand awareness, or to get sales? Your strategy would be different for each goal so decide what it is before moving forward.
  3. Test. No matter how prepared you are for a campaign, and no matter how great it is before you launch it, it will always need to be optimized. Start with the best practices as you know them and then test test test.
  4. Track and Measure. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. There is no value in testing if you cannot view the results of your tests. There are endless tools for this out there, and using them to track and measure should be the pillar stone of every Internet marketer.
  5. Be Proactive. Call your clients before they call you. Don’t wait for a call from your client saying “I happened to hear of this thing called Panda, and someone told me I should be concerned”. Give them a call before they call you and let them know of Panda, and what your plan is to overcome it.
  6. Use Tools and Automate. Internet marketing can get quite overwhelming, especially if you are running many campaigns for several clients. Use tools and automate when you can (stay tuned for my post on the danger of automating everything).
  7. Network. Go to conferences and other industry gatherings. Listen to other experienced Internet marketers’ stories and share yours. Feed off of their knowledge and get ideas.

Those are my top 7 habits. What other habits do you think Internet marketers should practice?

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