August 27, 2013

Why Reinvent the Wheel?


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Credit: pixelmixtur

We launched two new websites for a client today ( and At the end of our meeting with him he made a point of saying that he is very satisfied with the outcome, and that he really liked the work process we used for designing it.

He was referring to the fact that in advance of the initial design meeting he was asked by our creative director to prepare a list of other websites within his industry, and to write down what he liked about each one and what he didn’t like. Based on the input by the client, our designers created a website that best fit his needs.

We work the same way when we do marketing. The first thing when creating a marketing strategy for a client is market and competitor research.

  • What’s out there?
  • What are others doing?
  • What worked?
  • What hasn’t?

Of course, we need to be sure that what seems to have worked for others actually did work. We won’t always be able to look at what others did and know the answer to that question. Just because we see someone else has used a specific tactic, doesn’t mean that it is working, so we make sure we can determine the success of a tactic before adopting it.

Being innovative does not mean working in a vacuum to reinvent the wheel. Being innovative is looking around you, finding the right ‘wheel’ for you and then using it in a creative way that will get the best results for your client. If I want to determine what type of Facebook posts will generate the most engagement within my target market, I will first check to see other Facebook pages who cater to the same target. We are very result oriented, and as such, we test everything we do in order to optimize the results for our clients. However, if someone has already tested the market, why waste your client’s time and money in order to retest it from the very beginning? Learn from others’ mistakes.

So the next time you work on a new project, don’t go into your office, turn your phone off and disconnect from your social networks so you could get ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’. If you want to innovate, open your eyes and ears and delve into what’s out there. Feed off of your colleagues’ creativeness and solve problems that they couldn’t. That’s innovation.

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