August 21, 2013

5 Ways to Create Marketing Content Without Writing It


Too many times, when I tell a client that they need to create content, they answer: “But I’m not a writer.” I then tell them that I know that, and that if that’s what I meant I would use our own copywriter, but it’s not text written content I’m referring to.

In a great post by Internet marketer Neil Patel, he writes on “How to Create Marketing Copy… Without Actually Writing“. So from now on, if a client ever says they can’t write, I’ll send them the post by Neil. In the meantime, here is a summary of the five tactics that Neil mentions (for the full version, make sure you check out his post):

  1. Use tweets and testimonials – Testimonials do a great job in catching users eyes and creating credibility. If you have any, whether it’s in a tweet or in any other form, use it as marketing copy.
  2. Headlines don’t have to be written – Just a change of one or two words can make a big difference. You can also use a testimonial as a headline.
  3. Videos can convert higher than text – Videos are quite powerful when it comes to marketing content, and you don’t have to write anything.
  4. Use data – If you have good data, it can prove your point better than if you try writing about it. Just present the data and it will speak for itself.
  5. Create instructional images – If your product is something that requires instructions, you can portray them in an image instead of just writing it down. Just think of every emergency routine instructions you see, they all have an image. This presentation by Charlie Kalech, is a great resource on creating sharable graphics.

The concept of creating content that isn’t necessarily written, works for both marketing copy and regular ongoing fresh content such as a blog post, and as we can see from Neil’s post, in many instances, it even works better than written content.

Do you use any of these tactics to create marketing content for your website? What other tactics do you use?


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