July 30, 2013

Off-Season Facebook Posting


The secret to successful social media posting is consistency. However, how can a brand be consistent if their product or service is seasonal? How can they engage their audience and interact with them if they are off-season and have nothing new to offer?

Apparently, some very big brands know this secret, and make sure to come up with some very creative ways to engage their fans while off-season.

The finale of season six of AMC’s Mad Men was aired on June 13, and season seven hasn’t been written yet. However, there are two postings per day on Mad Men’s Facebook page. The post bellow encourages the fans to take a “Mad Man personality test” to determine “Which Mad Man are you?”.

Mad Men

The 2013 NBA season ended on June 20, and will begin again in late October. Yet again, this isn’t stopping them from posting to their Facebook page several times a day. The following post entices the fans to click through to the NBA blog in order to see old stats. However, the NBA social media team knows that NBA fans like stats, and even better – a ‘Top 10’ list.


‘Sachlav | Israel on the House‘ is one of Israel’s largest organizers of Taglit-Birthright Israel trips. Registration for the summer trip ended last February, and registration for their winter trip will only start in mid September. However, this did not stop Sachlav from posting to their Facebook page throughout the year. In the following post they find a creative way to post about something that their target audience likes – Israel.


Do you have a brand that has a season low? What are some of your creative ways to engage your community during the off-season?

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