July 22, 2013

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns


Enhanced_Campaigns-400x247If you ran an AdWords campaign in the past five months, you’ve probably heard of Enhanced Campaigns. Google gave AdWords advertisers the option to enhance campaigns manually for the last few months. However, starting today, July 22, 2013, Google will begin automatically upgrading all campaigns.

What are Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

In one sentence:
The ability to adjust campaigns by location, by device type and by time of day.

And in one video:

The ability to have various bids for different types of devices, different locations and different times of the day isn’t new. What’s new is having this ability in one campaign. Previously when various bids were divided among various campaigns, it was very difficult to monitor. However, now that Google is forcing AdWords advertisers to run all campaigns as Enhanced Campaigns, some might feel that they are loosing control.

How is it working for you? Is it more convenient, or do you feel like you’ve lost control?

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