Clients and Testimonials

“Most of the web companies that I have dealt with are fickle and unreliable. J-Town has been professional, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. In my opinion, well worth the money to just do it right the first time.”Ari AbramowitzCo-Founder and Co-Director, The Land of – Israel Inspired & Tuesday Night Live! in Jerusalem
“Charlie is a scholar and a mensch. A pleasure to work with.” Harry RubensteinDirector of Digital Media at ISRAEL21c
“I hired J-Town to put my business on the first screen of Google. In short, they did it! J-Town always promptly answers my emails and always thinks what’s good for me and my business. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”Jake FirselLicensed Tour Guide
“I hired J-Town to build my website. I am extremely happy with the result and have found working with J-Town to be a pleasure. I am so pleased. I really, really am”Archie GranotArchie Granot Papercuts
“Unbelievable, Unbelievable! Absolutely Fantastic! I am totally floored…. The site looks very good, thanks. I really appreciate all your help and cooperation. Thank you very much.”Kas JacobsOfficer Manager – Clore Israel Foundation (C.C.)
“OMG!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! …This is fabo…everyone is commenting on coolness of design. Love this guy”Paula Weiman KelmanFilm Director, Eyes Wide Open
“Awesome! Great design. Thank you! You guys are doing a wonderful job! Just wanted to make sure you know how much we appreciate your work and service. We are so very pleased. Thank you for helping on our mission.”Jeremy GimpelCo-Founder and Co-Director, The Land of – Israel Inspired & Tuesday Night Live! in Jerusalem
“Saving the best for last, Charlie Kalech of J-Town Internet Services Ltd. The concept and basic design of this site was the brain-child of a meeting I had with Charlie. He has shared and continues to share his experience and expertise, which I find to be always on-the-mark. He is the wind beneath my wings.”
Shuey FogelSite credits for
“Charlie is a detail-oriented web designer who truly delivered what we wanted and more for our online store website.”Yoni WisemanWeek1 Gifts
“How are you so awesome? Thanks so much!”Rakheli HeverCommunications & Development Coordinator, ICCI
“Besides excelling in Creativity and Technique, J-Town could be a role model for the rest of the country for excellence in customer service.”Menachem RubinDirector of Bat Zion
“J-Town provided reliable and responsive website services, with a professional understanding of our needs and taking initiative to improve the effectiveness of our online presence. Charlie has a comprehensive understanding of how to quantify and reach marketing and sales goals online.”Nadine WildmannPardes Institute of Jewish Studies
“Charlie is an extremely professional, responsive and creative talent. In the years that I worked with him, he was always extremely easy to work with, open to new ideas and flexible in his handling of myriad technical and business-generated challenges.”Jacob BushTechnology Directory
Project Reconnect / United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
“Amazing!!!Thank you so much for your time today! It is great to have people that really listen to what you want… and you guys did just that today!”Annie OrensteinSpotlight on Women
“Charlie is the cutting edge guy to go to for online services. He works well with new online developers and the seasoned professional. He helped us launch a local company that is now selling worldwide and at the top of all search engines. Charlie is a 10 in performance and creativity.”Bonnie BrooksPresident, Boha Productions
“Charlie’s personal warmth made it very inviting to work with him. His support, his participation, his enthusiasm were whole hearted and impactful. He’s remarkably well-connected and has established a far-reaching network of talent and clients.”Bernie DeKoven
“Charlie’s company hosts three of my websites. Charlie and his staff have been extremely professional and helpful, and I recommend them highly.”Rahel Jaskow
“You advertise that you give personal service, and you do. I really appreciate that, and that’s why I like working with you.”Aryeh Siegel
“J-Town does good work, on budget, and on time which is nearly miraculous. I’ve used them on two projects, in both cases on platforms they did not have previous experience with — and they were able to learn the new platforms quickly, and generate professional results in short order.” Barry Leff
“We really appreciate your comprehensive advice about how we push our programs and how we’re marketing ourselves on the web.”Sarah Vanunu Executive Assistant to the CEO, Alexander Muss High School in Israel
“There are a lot of things you do for us beyond the scope of your job. I won’t even begin to list them all!”Leora Wine Assistant to the Director, Alexander Muss High School in Israel
“Over the nine years we’ve worked with J-Town productions they have delivered all that we’ve requested and more. Dependable, consistent and trustworthy, we know that J-Town is at the cutting edge of technology and can be relied on to be respectful of their clients privacy.”Harvey Brooks
“J-Town does wonderful work and also provides great professional support through Jerusalem Web Professionals and other programs and conferences for clients and non-profits.” Gail DiamondAssistant Director of the Conservative Yeshiva
“One can see J-Town’s creativeness in our website which they designed from concept to completion. Charlie and his company has managed the site for the past five years. His expertise is evident in the excellent state of the art technology he provides and still manages to keep costs contained in a fluctuating economy, and is very vigilant in network security. You always receive service with a smile, and patience and understanding.”Sara (Belle) Fine-Cohen
“Charlie is service oriented, caring and very responsive to the customer!”David MarcuExecutive Director, Israel Elwyn
“I’ve worked with Charlie in two contexts, wherein he provided service in Israel to the UIA of Canada, and where we volunteer together on behalf of Project Reconnect for USY (United Synagogue Youth) alumni. In both instances, I have found him to be creative, industrious, efficient, and most pleasant to work with in collegial fashion.” Howard M. WeisbandDirector General, United Israel Appeal of Canada
“Charlie is a solid and diligent performer whose work stands up over time and who stands behind his work.”Alan Abbey
“I am really pleased with how our relationship is coming along – your service is prompt, courteous and it’s a pleasure working with you!”Susie SchwartzV.P. of Marketing and Sales – Davka Corporation
“I’m receiving lots of inquiries–some from places I hadn’t really imagined. A number of friends and previous clients have evaluated our work as ‘awesome’ and the likes. Thanks again for a great job.”Nat Zitomer Licensed Tour Guide
“Of the five graphic designers I have worked with in the past year and a half, you are by far the best”Moshe HelfmanHead of Web Site Development – Mainsoft Corporation


Colleagues and Partners:

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Charlie and hearing him speak on the topic of internet marketing. Both as organizer of the live events, marketing via web 2.0, and especially as speaker and during the many site critiques I saw him perform, I was amazed at the amount of knowledge, business sense, and wisdom that Charlie has to offer. Having a site that could use a boost in conversions? Need web design done? Charlie’s the man!”Issamar Ginzberg
“In a world of one-size-fits-all, take-order businesses, it is refreshing to encounter a company that takes the time to understand the clients better than they understand themselves.”Leah AharoniQText Translation Services
“Charlie is a professional, and while I, too, work in the same field, I have often turned to Charlie for advice. He has done well with any client I have recommended to him. It is very easy to recommend Charlie for anything Internet related.”Arnie Draiman
“I’ve worked with Charlie as a subcontractor for a few years on a wide range of web-related projects. Although he was my client, he gave me the feeling of a business partner, not only happy to hear a second opinion, but really including and empowering me as an integral part of his team. Charlie has good people skills and a grasp for both visual and technical subjects. The bottom line – it’s a pleasure working with Charlie, I know I can always rely on him.”Yuval LiebermanWeb-Developer, Freelance
“I’ve worked with Charlie for about 20 years. What stands out is not just his dedication to service and customer satisfaction, but also his understanding of the Web. Some graphic designers approach the Web as they would a project on paper, while others think that their sites need to be flashy and annoying in order to stand out. Charlie understands how to make sites useful without being flashy — and he’ll patiently hold your hand, answering questions, until you understand what he’s doing and why.”Reuven LernerCEO, Lerner Communications Consulting
“Charlie has a long experience in the field, He really cares for his customers, and he likes Open Source. I highly recommend using his services.”Dror BramaOwner, Gush Etzion Net
“Charlie is a true “mentsch” who is dedicated to continuously improving himself and his own skills so that he can contribute more and more to his clients. During the year or so that he was in my coaching program, I have to say that he was one of the most diligent in applying and acting on what he learned. And I’ve seen how he brings that same responsiveness, conscientiousness and creativity to his clients as well.”Dov GordonBusiness Consultant
“Charlie is the most professional service provider I have ever met and worked with. He is dedicated to full client satisfaction. Not only is he a marketer and a web designer but he also provides great and professional consultation to his clients. He can manage any type of project from small to enterprise. I am happy to be working with him and am sure that I will always be working with him”Mohammed JabariGeneral Manager, Tatweer
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