Web Hosting

J-Town is different than most web designers in that we offer our clients one-stop-shopping and complete accountability.

J-Town hosts the sites we develop on our own servers so that we can guarantee our clients reliable service. We also offer hosting packages to clients who do not require our design services. J-Town Membership includes hosting at no additional cost.

What does it mean that we develop sites on our own server?

  • Accountability
    Clients who choose to develop their web sites with us, work with a single firm in both the production and the hosting of their web sites and we are entirely accountable to them. By not hosting sites with a third party host, we save our clients hours of frustration and the cost of our time in sorting out matters with a third party. The bottom line: We are responsible to ensure that your web site is up and running.
  • Flexibility
    If we need to install a program on the server to give a client better service, we can. And we do this all the time. We are constantly upgrading our technology to give our clients the best solutions available.
  • Security
    We ensure that we are running the latest versions of system software to ensure our system’s security. We are not dependent upon third-parties to maintain our software.
  • Service
    We have root access to solve problems quickly. Third-party hosting companies restrict server access making site developers dependent upon them, curtailing the quality of service provided to clients. Since we have our own server, we can access error logs, trace problems which may arise, and solve the problems by reconfiguring software or even by installing new server-side software if need be.

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If you have any further questions about our hosting services or would like to sign up, please do not hesitate to contact us. Most accounts are set up within one business day of registration.