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Our philosophy of website design is to put the visitor to your website first. However, we also take a goal-oriented approach to achieve success for our clients.

We believe that the true test of a successful design is in its use.

J-Town is a personable company based in Jerusalem, Israel with a uniquely talented staff. This, and the highlights listed below will give you an idea of what sets J-Town apart from other Web site design firms.

Our unique approach includes

A Goal-Oriented Approach
Beyond Your Web Site
Customized Complimentary Design
The Three Click Rule
Easy Site Maintenance and Updates
Cross-Browser, Cross-Device and Cross-Platform Compatibility
We Host On Our Own Server
    • A Goal-Oriented Approach We begin by asking why you need a website. We work with you to create a set of measurable goals such as selling products, recruiting participants or generating leads. We then create an Internet presence, every element of which is not only designed with these end-goals in mind, but measured with analyitcs to monitor success in achieving these pre-defined goals. Our membership program ensures that we are consistently monitoring your success, recommending improvements and optimizing your site to deliver the results you want.
  • Integrating Your Internet Presence, Not Just Designing A Website Your Internet presence is not limited to your Web site. No one is isolated on the World Wide Web which spans viral social networks and media outlets. Our approach considers multiple options. There is no magic formula with the ever-developing technology and use of the Internet. We seek out the best solutions for your needs. Solutions we offer include search engine optimization (SEO); management and optimization of paid ads and sponsorships; off-site user-generated content including blog postings, comments, and articles; video; micro-blogging (Twitter); and social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.). For optimized success, your presence on these platforms, if warranted, needs to be integrated with your overall Internet presence and web site as part of an all-encompassing strategy and implementation towards your goals, not managed independently. We never lose sight of your end-goal and the results you want to achieve, which is why we continually monitor your site’s analytics and provide conversion rate optimization (CRO). J-Town combines a holistic integrated approach with years of experience in all these areas of expertise.
  • Customized Complimentary Design Our graphic design and layout compliments a site’s content without detracting from it. The purpose of your site is not to show off our designers’ abilities or our programmers’ skills. Our talents are meant to serve your needs. We believe there should be a purpose and a reason for each design element. We work together with our clients to fully develop and integrate a unified “look and feel” reflecting each client’s corporate image. This gives each of our clients a unique website designed for them, not one we pull out of a box.
  • The Three Click Rule The site navigation we design enables users to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. It is our aim that a visitor to your site will never need more than three clicks before s/he finds what they are looking for.
  • Easy Site Maintenance and Updates Our programming and site architecture allows for easy maintenance and updates of sites, whether the site is large or small. This saves our clients hours of work. Our implementation of advanced server-side programming and templating allows our clients to update multiple pages on their sites with a single action. Clients may update these pages through a Web-based password-protected form if they do not know HTML or have direct FTP access.
  • Cross-Browser, Cross-Device and Cross-Platform Compatibility All of our sites are tested for cross-browser, cross-device and cross-platform compatibility. Our sites work consistently in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and in Internet Explorer. They work on Windows, Macintosh and Linux as well. Using Responsive design, your site will work on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, not just on desktop computers. Your clients should be able to use your Web site no matter what browser or platform your client prefers and no matter where they are. Unfortunately in today’s market, this does not go without saying. We develop on and for Windows, Macintosh and Linux, ensuring stable and consistent performance. We do not require visitors to your Web site to download a special browser, its latest version, or special plug-ins.
  • We Host On Our Own Servers Most Web design companies outsource their website hosting. This means that your design company is usually just a middle-man for hosting your Web site.At J-Town, we are solely responsible for maintaining our server.We provide customer support so you are dealing with people who can solve your problems because they have direct and unlimited access to the server. We are not restricted by what someone else provides. If you want something installed on the server, or we think a certain technology would benefit our clients, we can install it. When you contact J-Town, you are speaking directly to your site designer and the owner of the Web server. This saves you time and headaches. With other designers, you do not know who is really administering their server. Since most designers rent server space through a middle-man, they might not even know who has access to your e-mail and website. Sharing a server in such a way not only slows down your site, but is a security risk. By providing our clients with our own server and not going through a third-party, we can provide high speed efficiency and security as well as quick responses to support issues.
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